"Every day above ground is another opportunity..."
"Every day above ground is another opportunity..."

My book: 'A Gift from the Heart'

To download the table of contents with links to over 100 chapters of my book, click on the title: A Gift from the Heart


This is much more than just "my heart transplant story" rather a supportive resource to help candidates for organ transplant, their families and for recipients post transplant with both life experiences and other helpful material that aided me in my success both through the transplant and a long fulfilling live after.  Currently (June 2016) I am enjoying my 22nd year post heart transplant and pray to be around for many more with this gifted heart from my donor, Roberto Cuebas, but read the book to know more. 

While 90% of my book is available on-line (see the link above), if you want the full version, just write to GleasonJim@aol.com for a CD copy of the full book that can be viewed on your PC or printed out for ease of reading, but be warned, its well over 1,000  8-1/2x11 single paced pages of print if you do.



Roberto Cuebas, my heart donor back in Oct. 1994 (he was celebrating his 38th birthday over in Brooklyn, NY)
Arrival home, 7 days after my heart transplant


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And remember:

Don't take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here - say YES to being an organ donor!
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