"Every day above ground is another opportunity..."
"Every day above ground is another opportunity..."

So what does one do in retirement?

Opening speaker at IOPO national conference 2008

Here is background and links to just some of my many areas of interest:

  • speaking engagements from coast to coast (kept records of over 500 engagements just since 2005 to an audience count of 50,000+ and didn't keep records of many more for 1995 through 2004)
  • author (book: A Gift from the Heart) <-- click to link to this free online book
  • readings (author of 100+ published book reviews)
    to view a listing of those books/reviews <-- click here
  • collector of transplant movies 
    to view a listing with detailed information of 150+ movies <-- click here
  • videography (Almost 3,500 YouTube videos posted, with close to 200,000 viewings as of June 2019)
    to view them, go to http://YouTube.com/gleasonjim01
  • church - Asbury UMC, Cinnaminson, NJ
         ... web master for church web site: http://MyAsburyUMC.com
         ... president of Asbury United Methodist Men (check out our men's cooking demonstration at  http://myasburyumc.com/2012MensCookingdemonstrationfortheAsburyChurch
  • with almost 40 years career in the corporate IT industry (with Unisys) in retirement, I enjoy being a web technology hobbyist (webmaster to seven organization and personal web sites)
    (see Contact on the menu for personal web & blog sites)
  • on the non-technical side, I enjoy over 65 years working with freshwater tropical fish with still three active tanks (2 fifty-gallon and 1 thirty-gallon tank) in our small condominium - come share that with me by linking to http://youtu.be/g5vZQMiwOgw and watching a video show of one of those tanks set to relaxing music
    and view https://youtu.be/n8N-6enyVd0 for a more current video of this hobby
    • Community volunteerism including . . . 
      (click on each to link to their web site)
      - Gift of Life Donor Program
              ... Liaisons for Life volunteers since '95
              ... Presenter to promote organ donor awareness & registration since '95
              ... Athlete on Team Philadelphia for US Transplant Games event since '95
      - Gift of Life Family House
              ... a receptionist at the front desk
      - UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing)
              ... member Thoracic Transplantation Committee 2005- 2008
              ... member Membership and Professional Standards Committee 2008- 2011
              ... member Patient Affairs Committee 2011- 2013
              ... member board of directors 2012- 2015, re-elected 2015-2018
              ... member executive committee of the board 2013- 2014
              ... member & later chairman IT Advisory Committee to the board 2012- 2016
              ... awarded UNOS 2019 National Donor Memorial Award for Excellence June 2019
                  (see video of acceptance at https://unos.wistia.com/medias/5joz8ix68c
  • - Second Chance Heart transplant Support Group
            ... chapter president 2004- 2016
            ... board treasurer 2005- 2010, 2012- 2016
            ... web master - see http://schtsgi.com/wordpress/
            ... organization was closed after 30 years in 2016
    - TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization)
            ... national board member 2005- open
            ... web master - see http://trioweb.org and now https://TRIOwebPTC.org
            ... treasurer for the board 2005- 2010
            ... board president 2010- (still as of 6/2019)



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